The Animals Extinct

The Animals Extinct - student project

The Animals Extinct - image 1 - student projectThe Animals Extinct - image 2 - student projectThe Animals Extinct - image 3 - student projectOk, so I'm a procrastinator.  My educational background is in Art and Economics.  So I guess I thought I might be able to make money doing design and artwork.

I have a concept idea for an album cover for the Animals.  It was one of my first albumns I now you know that I was brought up in age of vinyls as they are known today.  Hope to be posting soon..I definitely will appreciate any and all feedback as I am a wanna be.  And that's okay with me :)

My name is Sue, but I am often referred to as Zue, as in Zoo, so maybe that's where the animals come into play.  I love the song House of the Rising Sun and used to play it over and over.  Wish me luck everyone!  

2 weeks to go!  Yikes!  I better get to sketching!

Here are some album covers of the past I am getting my inspirations from...other pics to follow

I have the idea of super imposing the bands faces only over a background  of jungle/desert type design

Trying to keep it simple, but interesting.

Zue Creswell