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The Amphibious Dragon

When it comes to conceptual design, I'd like to think that creature design is my strongest sector, however my work never seems to go as well as I'd like it to. The initial sketch side of my work I tend to spend the least amount of time on, when I have finalised what I actually want to work on, however this may be one of the first times I have actually brought all ideas into one space, I am still yet to put full focus into initial sketches but I am getting a better feel for using more space when bringing new ideas into play.

Development is rarely something I'll take on, especially with a selection of sketches:

This time round though actually thinking about how these creatures would actually work has become a great help. It was from this point onwards I started bringing pieces from each together to collaberate what I liked, I already knew I wanted to bring together a dragon like creature, however I was warming to the snake likea and marine like characteristics, when spending time thinking how the body and structure of the creature would work and bringing in the different parts I came up with the following:

With a piranha like jaw and an eel like top half of a body, I then brought in the more reptilian body shape and musclular arms suggesting a strong swimmer and possiblity of flight as well, bringing the creature through sea, land and air at the same time. A final tail fin used for aerodynamics through both water and air. I will then look into both reptilian scales and eel like skin to bring a collaberation of the two together for this piece.

Ill be bringing in a mix of textures I think, bringing the slimey-like texture of an eel with the shine of a fish but still bringing in the actual wrinke like body of the ell and the komodo, hopefully this doesn't get too messy but will give a more prehistoric water dwelling dinosaur, the solours of the piranha with the desaturated blues and the vivid oranges and reds are definately a path I'd like to follow however the more darker duller komodo skin is also a nice and simpler path.  

I did some quick tests on each of the body types and skin types of the animals I want to bring into my own project, attempting the colour merge of the piranga, the sleak and shiny exterior of an eel and the ruged wrinkled scaley hide of the komodo dragon.

I refined my design, bringing muscles more defined, extra detailing in how the three jointed limbs work and showing more of its quadrapedial stance, I will move onto adding moreaspects such as a more prominent dorsal fin much like the moray eel I studied, and also bringin a more droopier feel to the skin like the eel and komodo.

Shading tests, never been one for getting a grip with shading. Possibly what needs work the most, I cant stand the smoothness of it all, i want harsher lighting, but hey ho im pretty happy with how its coming along.

Done some quick colour tests also, just to get the feel how colour will work with the lighting im going for and what sort of colour scheme I want to be going for.


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