The American makeover mentality

The American makeover mentality - student project

A lot of sentences and key words struck me in this article.

1) the emphasis on age and the process of ageing which fist led me to sketch around this idea with tombstones, cemeteries filled with graduate hats, etc...

2) the idea of being trapped / of a snake luring you into doing something, but that reminded me the genesis too much.

Finally 3) I found the idea of a national mentality very interesting - "a national makeover mentality about identity" especially because I am French, and we have nothing comparable to the collective mindset the article describes. As a result, I thought I would use the flag as a support for my design.

=> The stripes have been replaced by a white path/maze leading nowhere or even leading to the edge of a cliff. The 50 stars have roughly transformed into dollars, in order to convey the message of a money-making country. Finally, the middle aged men, one with a graduate hat about to go down the interminable path of returning to college, and the other desperately trying to climb back up but loosing everything... 


The American makeover mentality - image 1 - student project