"The Allen Strangeteen Picnic" | Skillshare Projects

Sisa Lleses

Freelance Multimedia Designer



"The Allen Strangeteen Picnic"

Seeing everyone's work, along with the fact that I'm quite behind in class, I thought I'd step it up a bit and give a weird twist to picnics as we know it (don't worry, I don't mean going the Hannibal way on this design).

Here's my concept map. I started by jotting down what we typically see at a picnic. By the time I wrote down "CREATURES", I already knew that I wanted my picnic to be weird, freaky, and energetic a.k.a trippy:

I ended up calling this project "The Allen Strangeteen Picnic". I wanted it to sound like a band name. It's also a reference to a Nickelodeon series I used to watch about an alien teen living with other teens on earth (The Adventures of Allen Strange). I guess you can tell I had some fun with my moodboard. Hope it didn't get too crazy:


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