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The Alchemist

I choose The Alchemist which is a tale of a young man who is a shepeard and is told my a gypsy that he is to travel to the Pyramids to find a treasure. Basically he travels far and wide meeting people and comes to discover (after a long a trecherous journey) his treasure was right at home where the book opened near an abandoned church he always stayed at with his sheep.  He found that the journey taught him of his true purpose which is love, trust hope and faith.  The book emphasisis finding one's personal Legand.

For my sketches:

I started to draw out some ideas even when in the brainstorming process and I came to like the idea of Searching for something that is right under your nose so to speak.  So i liked the idea of a compass representing searching, and also representing how the boy shepeard traveling across the world pretty much to find this treasure.  Also I wanted to incorporate a star "The Treasure" so to speak. So here is 2 of my sketches I ended up liking the most:

I initially really liked the bottom sketch with the most flowing A, but ended up pursueing the first one because i felt it looked better, there was too much space open in the Flowy style one.

Here is a sort of rough of the digitized version:

I feel like its kinda plan, any ideas on how I can make it more dyanmic would be great.

What I really loved that happend while in the digitizing phase is I got the idea to put the star in white in the middle of the compass, representing how the "Search" for the treasure was right in his hands or under your nose the whole time.  I.E. using something to guide (A compass) to the treasure (the star) but the treasure (the star) is actually right with you the whole time.

May scrap it and try out the other sketch.

Thanks all!



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