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Ruta F.

Creator of The Ah Ring



The Ah Ring - The First and Only Diamond Ring for Single Women

I created the FIRST and ONLY diamond ring designed and marketed to single women. It's called The Ah Ring, which stands for Available and's the diamond ring you buy for yourself when you're single.

I figured why wait for a man to buy you diamonds?  Married and engaged women have their rings, so I created one for single women. It's worn on the pinkie to symbolize that you are Available and happy. At the present time, there are 55 million single women in the U.S.

The existing worldview is that single women are "losers" or somehow unhappy or desperate because they are not married. Lots of women think this and society sometimes tends to reinforce this message.  I aim to change this viewpoint. By creating a positive way for women to prove that they are "available and happy" while single (for however long that is,) I will have changed mindsets...when you look at your sparkling diamond ring on your pinkie that you bought for yourself, you are saying to yourself,  "I am happy and worth celebrating,"  as well as "I am single and not a loser."  This message has proven to very powerful, and has crossed over all socio economic levels, ages, and races. I sell my Ah Rings from "trailer parks to Park Avenue."

The old mindset that a women should not buy diamonds for herself was a 50's attitude that I hope to permanently disable. I also found that many single, working women had not bought good jewelry for themselves, even though they were spending on houses and condos. Now, with The Ah Ring, they can purchase a well-made, real diamond ring which means something to them and  resonates with them emotionally.


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