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The African King Summer 2013 Lookbook

Hi everyone my name is Olumide Yerokun of The African King and i'm presenting the summer Lookbook for the brand as my final project. (Everyone just calls me Lou )

From this class i've learned the importance of planning and writing down the goals of the photoshoot and the preparation is one of the keys to a successful photoshoot. Tasha has given a lot of tips to make sure that you are organized throughout the entire process of creating a lookbook. I think this helps you concey the appropiate message with your lookbook and helps the model and team understand what the end goal is during the photoshoot.

1. Inspiration Board

For my inspiration board I gathered photos from the internet that spoke to the theme/message that I was trying to convey through this summer lookbook.

Travel, The Journey, and Culture

Travel: I went with Grand Central Station in New York because I felt like the location will help in conveying the message i'm trying to create through my lookbook

The Journey: I think for young adults now life is a journey. We are all trying to find our own special path and just from riding amtrak and flying I always see people with that look of i'm going on a trip to enjoy this moment on my journey. I want to capture that feeling in my pictures with this lookbook.

Culture: I think traveling is a great way to get a first hand experience of how different cultures operate. African Culture is a major influence in The African King ‘s brand so I wanted to capture those elements in the lookbook, (Somewhat of a coming to America type feel in terms of coming to a new city or country and getting around) by having the shot at 30th Street Station.

My goal for the lookbook is to capture the moments of arrival and departure from a city. I want to use the open space of the station to capture the model in still shoots and still focus on the tees in the shoot.The aim is for you to see yourself in the lookbook and remember your travel moments.

Here is my Inspiration Board

2. Shot Checklist

The Checklist was very helpful for me during my shot. I was able to stay focused on the shots I wanted to get first and was able to convey a better message with my model. He was better able to understand what I wanted out of the whole shot and made the shot a lot easy for me and my model.

  • Front view of shirts

  • Front horizontal and vertical shots

  • Full body shot for each style

  • Close up on the designs on the shirt

  • Model with train in background

  • Model on the stairs and/or escalators

  • Model with arrival and Departures board in background

3. Final Lookbook for The African King Summer 2013

After watching the videos and reading the extra notes in each lesson I was able to create a very effective lookbook in my eyes. 

I wanted to tell a story with my pictures of youtful travel and finding your way. I really beleive that I was able to convey this messsage through my lookbook and the order in which each one is presented.

Id rather you find your own story through the Lookbook but would love to hear what you took away from the pictures.

Thanks to the class for any feedback. Thanks to Tasha for all her helpful resources! I really learned a lot to take with me and grow!

That completes my lookbook hope you all enjoyed it and please let me know what you think.



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