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The Adventures of Tony The Kiln Guy

First, I am so impressed with the projects posted in this gallery. So much incredible work! I watched this class weeks ago and could not get out of my own creative way. I got as far as a bunch of simple sketches on copy paper then abandoned the project.  

I own a pottery studio (not a potter, just a designer) and we run three large pottery kilns. Right in the middle of our busy wedding season, one of them failed. The only person who returned our many distress calls was some guy named Tony from Boston. He fixed the broken kiln and rebuilt the other two, which had been sadly neglected. We've been together ever since. 

Since he sells and services pottery kilns, almost all of his clients are women. They love him and any time we run into any of them, it's full body hugs all over the place. He calls them damsels in distress. 

I finished up a big project today and while casting around for direction, I found my sketches. I wish I'd followed the directions and done it by hand, but if I had - you'd never have heard from me. I scanned in the sketches, colored and arranged them in Photoshop. I have to tell you that I pretty much laughed the whole time I was creating this.







What a fun project - thank you Kate for bringing it to us. I can't wait to give it to him. Thanks for looking.

PS: I gave Tony this zine yesterday and his laugh was so gratifying. We've decided to rework it into a marketing tool - he'll hand them out to clients. He did ask for a happier face, but I declined. My drawing skills are so limited, the face he ended up with is the one he keeps. I did agree to remove the little tab from his beret, which he decried as not militant enough. 

06.02.15 UPDATE:

I own a small pottery business and thought this would be a good way to recognize my top 20 buyers. I created this zine using a combination of hand drawn sketches and a few purchased fonts. I mailed them out last week. 







I am so in love with this project and can't wait until our customers open their mail and see this cool little thank you card. 

06.24.15 Update

I reworked my customer thank you zine into a general "6 reasons why you are awesome" theme and have been handing them out at the drive up, to cashiers, even the homeless guy on the corner. People always look so surprised when they receive one and I know that I've made them feel good - which totally makes me feel good. I also printed the folding/cutting instructions on the back side, hopeing to perpetuate the giving. 



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