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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Project Step 1: June 2014

With endless book choices before me I narrowed my options down by choosing from the top 100 public domain books on the Project Gutenberg website. When I saw The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes on the list I immediately knew that was the one. It stands out because I love the stories and I'm excited by the challenge of creating a unique and fresh perspective on such a well-known character.

I gathered a few covers comps of previous iterations. I really like the bottom left version for it's color and evocative text treatment. The silhouettes also work well because they are inherently mysterious.

Now I will go re-read the book.

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Project Step 2: July 2014

Idea 1: After re-reading the book, the idea of collection is what struck me. How the book is a collection of case stories, but also how Sherlock is a collector of information about people and things. He notices little bits of information he deems important so he can access that information later. So thinking about this idea I landed on the visual of a shadow box collection of clues. As though he had collected them as he went and stored them away.

I like how it turned out because I think it is interesting to explore visually. What was difficult was the worry it was cluttered and maybe the focus is divided too much behind all the little objects. Identifying clues small enough to fit into the concept of the box was also challenging. I would love to hear people's feedback on the design!

Idea 2: This concept isn't based on anything other than I wanted to do a variation of the cover featuring a pipe. It's hard not to picture Sherlock Holmes without one so I created an option here that hopefully contrasts a vintage feel with a modern black and white color palette.

I have another idea brewing in my mind too, but wanted to get up my first few ideas here! Thanks for taking a look and letting me know what you think.

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Project Step 3: July 2014

This last idea was to show the way in which Sherlock quickly observes all the details of a person. I liked the idea of showing what seems to be anonymous man, yet showing how Sherlock could piece together much about him through his many observations.

Well those are my 3 ideas! It was super great to work on this little project. I would be curious to know which one of the three people would be most likely to pick up? I think my favorite is the last one because it would intrigue me.

Thanks for looking!


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