The Adventures of Dorie Doodle

The Adventures of Dorie Doodle - student project

The Adventures of Dorie Doodle

On the Way to the Kitty Caboodle


Dorie Doodle was a fine young kitty.

She always managed to look so pretty.

Her fur was soft with yellow and black,

not like a bumble bee, more like a cat.

One day on her way to the kitty caboodle,

she came across a lounging gray poodle.

As he lifted his head

here's what he said,

“Dorie Doodle, why like me, are you so pretty?

"Well,” she replied, “I am a Siamese kitty.”

The poodle replied with some surprise,

“You may be pretty, but what about wise?”

Dorie Doodle says “a Siamese kitty is very pretty,

But also incredibly merry and witty.

I find that when I use my mind,

It makes for a forever fun time.”

"Unlike a spoiled poodle, she said

I actually try to use my noodle"

With a spark in his eyes and a happy cry,

he replied “where are the noodles, oh my?”

So off she went, that Dorie Doodle

But not for noodles for that silly poodle

Rather to play more jokes and pranks

At the kitty caboodle.

Deborah Chase
Principal at Moxie3D, LLC & Maker Girls