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The Adventures of Bominable

Meet Bominable, if you guessed he was related to a Yeti then you guessed correctly. Bominable travels with the world with his friends Smelly Steve who had to leave, Bo Peep the Bad Ass Sheep and her 7 little lambs, and an assortment of other friends. Currently the gang resides in a skyscraper in Manhatten, owned by Number 5 (Bo's 5 lamb.).Number 5 makes Steven Hawking look like an imbicial in terms of his intellect.

This initial sketchn was done in Sketchbook Pro on my tablet, just sort of playing with the shape.

This is an actual pencil sketch of him in motion.

This is the digital version, this is still in pencil form at the moment.

I've started to rework the sketch based on some of the input I received on the digital version. Here is the new version.

It's much closer in form and flow to the original pencil sketch of the character.

Playing with colors.


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