The Advantages of Wholesale

The Advantages of Wholesale - student project

My name is Janet Manns and I am a surface pattern designer living on Guam.  After two years of online classes and with great instructors like Bonnie Christine, and Elizabeth Owens, I stepped out in faith and launched my new eCommerce store back in July 2018.

I have some experience in wholesaling art prints and greeting cards to the local markets, and I would like to start over again this time through my online store.

Through my experiences and what interest me to try wholesale is to test the market and see how consumers are relating to my products, and the number of sales or profits related.  You can then decide how to grow your offerings or what changes you need to make when an item stays on the shelf for too long. 

Another advantage is a low overhead cost to run a business, finally, I love the process of creating new works of art, this is my happy place.



Janet-Marie Manns