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Ashley Aliko

The ART of Reinvention



The ART of Allowing.

The Art of Allowing.

D E S C R I P T I O N:

There is a way to engage with an aspect of ourselves that we do not often allow. Part of getting to the reveal is with this technique of allowing the artwork to come through. By painting on small 3.5x2.5 cards called ATC sized cards, many experiments of allowing can be made. Some can be engaged with immediately while others may take a while to reveal who they are. A wonderful way to be open, distract oneself in a useful way and allow the story/person to reveal itself.


There was a lady who had traveled the whole of the United States on a bus. She was quite the character and she wasn't stopping anytime soon. She was in her late 90s when I met her on the bus. This illustration was inspired by meeting her. I did not start out thinking I would draw her. She came through.


He came through and I looked into his eyes. He was empty without being able to camp on the moon.


The girl who wears a bow tie... She simply came through. I will show you.... and you will be able to allow your artwork to come through in a new way too.


This was a strange one, It felt disconnected. I set it aside for a day or two and when I came back to it..... she told me what she was about.


Working with watercolor, colored pencil, markers and other supplies you have available to you, we will take a look at allowing faces to come through on their own. From intentional marks on watercolor paper (You can use any kind of paper you want really) we will find a face and tell a story.

NOTE: This project ties into another project. Book Arts.

P R O J E C T  A S S I G N M E N T:

1. We will allow a face (human, animal, plant) to come through. We will layer the work with additional marks and add story.

D E L I V E R A B L E S:

Upload your samples and finished projects to the photo gallery


  • The sample
  • The story and inspiration
  • The final result of what you made

R E S O U R C E S:

  • Ashley Aliko:


Introduction - What You'll Learn

How to let go of the analytical mind long enough to allow a new character to flow through. Then embellish that character with an additional layer of marks to invent a new story.

  • Paper
  • Inspiration, Pinterest, Instagram, Artists throughout History, Children's Books
  • Materials you will need for the class
  • Turn on some music and enjoy the process.


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