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The ALPHA Circle


My name is Pete Thompson. I was an operations manager (in various capacities) for the last 18 years, and in all that time I never had the good fortune to work in a company whose core values were in alignment with mine. Over the years I caught myself saying "I would have done it like this." or "If this was 'mine' I'd be focused on this instead." So when they offered me a severance package a year and a half ago I jumped. I decided to "put up" or shut up:-)

Since that time I've pulled out all of the self help and business books I've acrhived (Seth has a shelf by himself!), written down notes on my experiences and lessons learned, and created my business model. What I discoverd was that I've been working on this model for the last 18 years...just didn't know it. 

I am building my company the same way I built my teams with one major exception:  all business activity is in alignment with ONE major theme...We Are More Than Me! All of my effort has been, and will continue to be, spreading that core message.

Here's where it gets "core" businees is Network Marketing, but...I don't like networking :-) It's not that I can't it's just that one of my core strenghs is in building relationships, not getting new ones...I know :-) However what I am good--to great--at is building teams. The Network Marketing business model always made sense to me, I even tried it...twice! Failed miserably both times! In the process I learned why I failed and why most others do as well. You see there are a lot of good network marketing companies out there but people often fail, as I did, because they don't believe in themselves and/or they don't have enough initial support to get off to a fast start. I am placing all of my attention on ensuring success--educating others on the business model and on themsevles--not necessarilty recruiting. It takes courage to get into this business and I want to nurture that courage until it's confidence and in the process show them how to nurture and educate others.

There are a multitude of ways that I started to go with my marketing but ended up deciding on this:  The ALPHA Circle. ALPHA:  Always Live Passionately, Honorably, Authentically. My (current) logo is the alpha in a circle. The alpha represents starting. I chose it because it's the first letter in the Greek alphabet and it's probably the most recognizeable letter world wide. The circle is the symbol for perfect...meaning you are perfect, right now, exactly where you are. I put the two together to represent the fact that when you start anything you grow from it, and after you've grown from it you're no longer starting from the same place, thus there is no finish becasue you are always starting. And because you are perfect today where you are starting from you'll be perfect tomorrow too. In addition I thought this would be a great name for the community I'm envisioning...The Alpha Circle.

I probably didn't do justice to my vision but that's why I'm create a coherent story. 

I'm not tech, nor marketing, savvy so I've had to learn a lot on the fly. If your curious whether or not this farmboy is in over his head, you can see what I've accomplished so far, or on twitter @peteinc. 

(I was once asked how I built teams and if I could train others, at the time I couldn't answer, that's how this whole thing started...trying to explain what I do and how I do it. One of my first thoughts to paper on this subject was PeteInc: People Engaged Transform Each other. In a nutshell that's my brand, I build teams by engaging them under one umbrella)

Now to the project...

11 Questions (subject to change as I evolve):

1. What is my marketing for?

My marketing is to tell a story of hope. To remind people the "We Are More Than Me" and to enlighen them to the fact that the greatest  contribution you can add "us" is by becoming the best version of you.

2. What am I allowed to touch?

I am allowed to touch the training aspect...not just what you learn but how.

As a network marketer the only thing I truly have to offer is myself. I have to be able show you that you can succeed...You Can Do This.

3. What can I measure?

a. retention rate

b. average time it takes to qualify

c. number of people who have qualified people under them.

4. What can I change?

I can change the conversation that people have with their mirror. Or as Seth said, I want to change how people spend their days.

5. What promise am I going to make?

I'm a network marketer who doesn't really like networking. I'm in this business because I believe in people and this business model allows me to have the largest impact on others lives. In additioin, it falls within my brand's core value: We Are More Than Me.

Because of my failures and my faith in you, I can promise two things:

I. I will not quit on you.

My purpose is not to "recruit." My purpose is to encourage, uplift, and inspire. As long as you're willing to do your part, I will not let you fail.

II. I will always seek, and provide when I can, the tools and resources that will expedite your success.

6.  What is the hard part?

The hard part is selling you on you. The fact of the matter is people follow people. People buy from people they trust. Network marketing, manufacturing, sales, medicine, etc...the industry does not matter. Your level of success depends on your level of confidence. My job is to arm you with belief.

7.  Should I make trends or follow them?

I am following multiple trends. To name a few, increase in unemployemnt rate, increase in medical costs, increase in physical fitness and hololystic health (my product company is in nutrition), increase in technology capability, etc...

8.  Where is the risk?

The risk for me is my reputation if I don't provide as promised. However the bigger risk feels like NOT being willing to make the above promises.

The clients risk is trusting someone to lead them in the direction of their desires. If I let them fail, they risk their own ego capitalizing on their doubt making it that much harder to trust someone else in the future, not just another network marketing opportunity, but life in general.

9. Who is in charge?

That would be me. I am in charge of anything that concerns the marketing project or my client relationships.

10. What is the money for? 

The money will be used to pre-select and qualify potential clients.

11. What is the most important way to spend my time? (I had some trouble with this)

Practicing! Having engaging conversations. The more I practice at being engaged the better I become at asking the right questions. In this manner I can lead people in the direction they want to go.

OK...Here's next assignment:  3 brands from past & 3 from present...

3 Brands from the past:

I.  Distribution did they box out?

Chevrolet: by branding themselves as Power & Performance, ie., Corvette, Camero, Chevelle, Impala, etc...

Converse:  by aligning themselves with the Elite Basketball Players...Dr. J, Magic & Bird

Hee Haw (the show): by becoming the Polar Opposite of the Lawerence Welk, comedy, diasy duke shorts...

II. Advertising did I hear about them?

All three were tv commercials...for me anyway.

III.  How did I feel about the brand?

All 3 brands represented something I aspired...Physically Powerful, Elite athlete that dated the sexiest girls...and I am a country boy.

3 Present Brands:

i.  Distribution strategy:

Nike: created their own shelf space...everyone is an athlete...just do it! they created a movement.

Apple: created their own shelf space...You're your own person because you have this!  they created their own market segment by combining technology with design.

Cadillac: combined elegance and performance. they focused on the younger demographic.

II.  Advertising strategy:

Nike: placed the logo and mantra on, clothes, TV commercials, billboards, print ads. they also utilized the younger, up and coming starts across all sports, not just basketball.

Apple:  used the technology sector to create a word of mouth campaign and then waited to unveil new products.  they created a buzz.

Cadillac:  TV commmercials and print ads.

III. How do I feel about the brands? Does it remind me of anything?

Nike: Yes! I am an athlete to!

Apple:  Yes! I am an individual and enjoy simple elegance and also live in the minority.

Cadillac:  Yes! I deserve to ride in style while not compromising on power or performance.

Now to next assignment...


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