The ABC of sustainability

This is my first product I put up on Printful for on-demand printing. I chose the platform because it integrates smoothly with my Etsy shop - StudioSlushybrain. As the theme of this poster is sustainability, i mostly decided for the on-demand option because of transportation issues and emissions. I love that printful has fulfilment centers on in Europe and the US and therefore can shorten the transportation distance tremendously. I'm a total beginner as of now and just had my first sale! (to my boyfriend's mum, but it's a start to get the hang of things :D)

I love your tips about re-purposing the design for different products or offering different color options. I will definitely experiment with different background colors or maybe offering tea towels or maybe large pillowcases with the same design or some variations of it. I really love the tip of re-using assets as well. I have 26 cute characters drawn for this design and I bet I can find other ways to utilize them. 

Thanks for the class! :)





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