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The 8 Principles of Styling: Classic Bathroom

 The 8 Principles of Styling. Classic and Sophisticated Bathroom. 

Hi Everyone! I´m a Graphic designer and Illustrator,  and currently a student of Interior Design. I live in LA but I´m from The Andes mountains in  Vzla. My mother language is Spanish so I´ll do my best here :) .

I love to work with classic, sophisticated and eclectic styles. The more sophisticated a space is the better for me, but I also love to take on new experiences as a creative designer. 

I chose this image because of the general feeling of sophistication and freshness, and I absolutely love the subtle details that add to the whole styling. 

I´m not an expert so this is a great way for me to get experience in the understanding of how the different elements can work together to transmit a feeling in a space. Any observations are welcomed ! :)

Needs: space for towels and bath supplies 

Color : Gorgeous whites with an accent of soft yellow coming from the flowers, natural wooden floors and a rug in navy blue that adds sophistication to the space. The palete is very earthy and natural. 

Shape: the structure of the bath is set in straigh vertical lines,with rectangles being the predominant shape. The space is softened with the oval and organic shape of the mirror, the round table and the bath accessories.

Texture:  earthy materials add the texture to the space.  There is also the visual texture created with the use of reflected images from the bathroom. 

Pattern: The pattern is present through the whole space.  It´s created by mixing  the architectural details of the bathroom with the white cabinets and accented with the use of mirrors that reflect the horizontal lines of the art in the  wall and the cabinet on the left side

Placement : perfect symetrical composition, the art display and the lines of the cabinet create the mood of the space. Clean arrangement of the towels under the sink and the bath accessories on the side of the sink 

Botanicals:  a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers soften the space, making it fresh, natural and intimate.

Bling:  silver lamps, sylver table-base , crystal bath accesories, crystal table top and flower vase. Their reflective surfaces add the touch of light and spark that creates the sophisticated mood by iluminating the earthy materials of the bathroom. 


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