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The 8 Principles at work

there were so many examples of the 8 principles at work in this image, but I tried to narrow it down to one for each item.

  1. Needs: let there be light!
  2. Shape: there's so much shape to even the little part off the mirror shown.
  3. Color:  the blue rock just pops.
  4. Bling: am in love with that Bronze Hog - also a perfect name for a bar! 
  5. Texture: it was a toss up for me between the hog and the rock, but the rock won.
  6. Placement: the box on top of the books adds weight.
  7. Pattern: I'm not a huge fan of pattern so the subtle pattern in the vase appealed to me, as well as the blue which ties in w the rock.
  8. Botanicals: like the contrast of the flower colors against the rest of the items.

I hope you have LOTS of feedback for this interior styling novice! I'm a professional organizer so I normally deal in plastic bins and fun labels. I'm here hoping to incorporate much more style into my work projects and take organizing out of the closets! Thanks! 

photo source:


The Bookcase Qunundrum 


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