The 6th Degree

The 6th Degree is a hyper-local parody news site where friends can log in and pen hilarious stories about their friends and then share them with those friends. It's The Onion meets your social network. 

The 6th Degree was a project originally started by a few friends & I in 2011 to recount shared events and poke fun within our own circle of friends. It was also great for those who moved out of town to keep up with what was happening back home. 

Original site:

The site was discontinued last year due to our busy schedules, though it still remains online (http://the6thdegree.ichtho.com). The vision of The 6th Degree at one point went something like this:

"The truth is, most of our lives are incredibly boring. We only hit our 15 minutes of fame once, since only about 15 minutes of who we are and what we do matter to people outside of our immediate sphere of influence. We seldom celebrate the mundane, the trivial, and the blandest of memories with the people who care (or at least pretend to care) the most: our friends. Instead, these memories tend to get locked away and forgotten in an unmarked wooden box like the last scene of every Indiana Jones movie.

To remedy such a tragic ending, The 6th Degree endeavors to take these events and vaunt them to an unnecessary status: news. We report on the lives of our friends. It provides a creative way to poke fun at ourselves while genuinely staying in touch and hopefully displaying some of the talent we have within our small community.

If there’s one thing we take too seriously in life, it’s us. So in an effort to stay connected to the best people on earth (our friends), we here at the The 6th Degree create news stories from their lives and unabashedly embellish them.

Welcome to your 15 minutes."

My goal in relaunching the site would be to open up this great idea to a broader base. Our circle of friends loved it, so maybe yours will too. With the new 6th Degree, you will be able to create your own hyper-local news hub within your group of friends, family or organization. Each user will have the ability to log in, create their network, add friends to the network and post stories within the group, attaching pictures and video as well. It's not a blog and it's not Facebook, the emphasis is on what's happening within your group of friends. Its news that acquaintances won't get or won't care about.

If Facebook is the big party that everyone you know is at, then The 6th Degree is the inside joke that all your cool friends are snickering about in the corner.


Follow my progress: http://www.the-6th-degree.com

Github: https://github.com/ryanstraits/omrails

First build, 3/19/2013

Second build, 3/26/2013


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