The 5 Senses


Sight Exercise

At the end of the dirt road, there sits a big empty house surrounded by trees and overgrown bushes. Windows are missing and the doors are hanging by the hinges. There’s mold dripping down the sides of its once white exterior. The roof is growing weeds and the chimney is crumbling away. There’s no light or life inside to see. 

A slow chill flows out of the house, bringing with it the smell of decaying leaves. The chill wraps around your body, hugging you close. Its bones creak and move with the wind. Filled with furniture draped with stained sheets. The floors creak with each slow step. 

The house is dark, damp, and broken but there are no ghosts to hear or see.


Touch Exercise

I can feel the warmth of the sun kiss my skin as I walk towards the roaring sound of waves crashing. The wind is brushing my hair across my face as my feet sink into the soft hot sand. I walk further, the sand turns from hot and dry, to cool and wet. I feel the water rush over my toes, like a soft silk blanket being pulled across my feet. My feet sink further into the sand. I’m planted like a tree. Connected to the earth and sea. 


Smell Exercise

The smell of fresh-cut grass smells like a warm spring day in May. 

The smell of decaying leaves smells like October in the mountains. 

The smell walking into a garage smells like a big city falling in on you. 

The smell of the beach smells like a breath of fresh air wrapping its arms around you. 

The smell of Japenese Cherry Blossom smells like high school parties and bad decisions. 


Taste Exercise

The sweet soft taste melts onto my tongue, hugging it like a soft blanket. I close my eyes and savor the sugary goodness. Washing it down with a glass of ice water is the most satisfying taste in the world. 


Hearing Exercise 

Spring is finally here. I lay down on my blanket in the yard to soak up some much-needed sun. I close my eyes and try to focus on my breathing. But then the noise of the leaves catch my attention. I listen to the wind flow slowly through them. A small animal to my right scurries around the base of the trees, a bee buzzes around a nearby flower. Then I hear a lawnmower in the distance, a dog barking and a car on the main road. I didn’t realize how busy life was in the country.