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The 3 Little Pigs- illustrated by Aimee Sicora

Hello Lisa and classmates, I am so excited about this project, there are so many fun possibilities. Lisa I am so thrilled with this class subject matter! I just sent out my first ever mailers to different Creative Directors at magazines last week, now hopefully if I hear back from one of them I will be prepared for their creative brief.

I have uploaded my two roughs, as I'm not home at the moment I just snapped some photos on my phone as opposed to scanning them in. For some reason the Skillshare format would not allow me to upload my reply email in pdf format so I will just copy and paste below here. Looking forward to hearing from you all and looking forward to seeing everyone else's projects. 

Hello Sally,

Thank you so much for inviting me to collaborate on the Three Little Pigs illustration project with you, I am very excited about the project and have lots of ideas brewing already!

The creative brief that you sent was very informative and I feel like I have a good grasp on what you are looking for, however I do have a few additional questions for you.

  1. I saw that you included the date when the concept sketches were due but I was wondering if you also had a specific timeline for the rest of the project, the deadline for the final cover and the deadlines for the second phase of the project with the interior illustrations. I want to make sure that I can block out enough time in my schedule for your project.
  2. Do you have a color scheme in mind? Are there any particular patterns that you are considering?
  3. I know that my work is particularly girly and I’m assuming that is one of the reasons that you chose me. Is it ok to go full steam ahead with my inherent style or does the book need to appeal to both male and female?
  4. Is there a particular age that you are targeting with the book? Where will the finished book be sold- nationally? Internationally?
  5. Do you have a final fee for the second phase of interior illustrations? How many pages of interior illustrations will there be?
  6. The illustration for the cover, I see that you requested it 6x7 inches, I am just checking that you would like to receive this as a digital file? What format file would you require? Will the finished book be in print? Or is it an online book?
  7. What type of licensing/copyright are you planning on for the illustrations?

I realize that I have managed to rattle off quite a few questions; I understand that you are one very busy lady but whenever you do get a chance to reply I will be most grateful.

Thanks again for considering me for this project; I am really looking forward to working with you on this very exciting collaboration.

Best regards,


Here are my roughs:


This illustration rough with the chandelier is my favorite! I imagine that this little pig in the 'brick house' lives in a luxurious brick apartment in NYC. 


My second rough has the little piggy relaxing on a chaise lounge reading magazines as the wolf looks inside.


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