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The 3 Day Challenge

Day 2 - Here's a color sketch of my favorite draft..Still debating as to the circle if its necessary or that perhaps moving it is a better option. Suggestions welcome! :)


Day 1 - A few sketches for ideas...I really need to work on my sketching since to me it feels vague and not too clean. I tried writing the most important words to me and the symbols that came to mind initially plus synonyms of the words. The part of growth really came to mind with that of plants and watering them but then saw the concept had been used and decided against developing it further. The first sketch which hard to understand was the idea of a mostly dry field with a bit of green growing and the percentage. The next two are more straight forward with a US map and things related to money and the arrow for growth. I'm not 100% pleased with the ideas but the time limit is part of the fun :) Also developing approaches for this kind of illustration is part of the process.



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