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The 1906 Gents: A Handmade Space Bringing People Together

What an incredible story.

When I first visited Dante LaCivita and Reuben Uhlmann I was not prepared for such a rich environment and story behind the brand. I contacted Dante to check out the shop, and didn't know what to expect from a small woodshop in Historic Downtown Commercial Street in Springfield, MO. With a strange zoning, the guys were able to get the shop in such phenomenal circumstances financially and square feet. The height and small nature of the shop was a perfect happy medium to keep overhead of the startup company as low as possible, but still adequate. Following a successful Kickstarter project, the guys were able to bring their 1906 vibe all over the nation. The shop's tidiness reflects that, which to me, was a story and character in itself. Before I picked up my camera, I felt like I truly got to know the space and the guys. These fine gentlemen were very receptive, and honestly were just as excited for me to be there as I was.
When I spoke with Dante, and heard more of his story about the shop, the mission and mind behind it, and his previous background I was blown away. A psychology graduate with a family and a passion for people used that same mission to transform into an entrepreneur and do one thing with the new products of the business, "bring people together." The company is able to use Coffee, Spirits, Tobacco, and Grooming to do exactly that. 
Bring People Together.

I began shooting.

There were incredible light variations all over the shop because of huge windows with natural light and big industrial lights for visibility in the shop. Anywhere you point the camera, you are getting a different amount of light. It was fun trotting around the place and getting a lot of shots, but it had its frustrations in a lot of ways. The office up front had perfect lighting, but the amber tint of the shop really conflicted with the office.
I was truly able to feel their heart in the project and it seemed as if the shoot was not the focus, but the force that facilitated an incredible story.

Check out their website:

Here are a few of my photos. Thank you for reading.










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