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Sophie Aronson

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The “ABC’s” of Drawing Prompts: Alphabet-Inspired Character Illustrations

Hi everyone!  I am working on creating a series of classes that are focused around Drawing Prompts that help exercise an artists imagination and promotes thinking outside of their comfort zone.  The main goal of each class is to get artists drawing and really help those who are suffering from a creative block - something we all have struggled with or will at some point.  

The first class will focus on the ABC's Drawing Prompt. 



This exercise calls for turning each letter of the alphabet into a rough portrait sketch of a character.  The example above shows A-F.  These all can be little thumbnail drawings as they are meant to be just quick sketches that focus on using each shape of the letter as a facial structure.  After each letter has been sketched, one will be choosen to be refined and turned into a finished illustration.  

I would love to hear your thoughts on my class and I look forward to finishing and sharing.



You can now see my class outline that I have created here.  

I plan on starting to record my class this week.  Thank you for your feedback!


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