That's how I feel~

That's how I feel~ - student project

What inspires me, MUSIC MUSIC WOOOO!! (no, I don't even have speakers, I use headphones and wish my neighbors are a bit happier in their daily life). I travel places and feel so many different things with each tune, music can be powerful for the soul.

That's how I feel~ - image 1 - student project


What I want, is lots of things! but let's limit to the first 4 that came to my mind. Maybe not the most important, but what the brain picked right away:

That's how I feel~ - image 2 - student project


What I hate, hmmm, I don't usually feel such strong negative emotion, but when I do... oh dear: 


That's how I feel~ - image 3 - student project


What I fear, lots of illogical things like earthworms:

That's how I feel~ - image 4 - student project

Toes are wrong direction and that makes me giggle


Last but not least, free style~ I feel super low energy today, so yeah, this cat is me:

That's how I feel~ - image 5 - student project


My favorite was the cat, I'm experimenting with Copic markers and beginning to like them!

Thank you Jordan.


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