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Leitha Matz




Thatched-Roof Cottage (Final Version with Bonus Dragon)

I live in an apartment, so for my project, I'm making a thatched-roof cottage.

Here's the inspiration image:


And here's my simplified version of that in an Illustrator rendering:


Here's my initial breakdown of the house in AE with a big 'ol pile of precomps.


I worked on this over the course of a few days, first gettting used to making things move, then working on a bit of the motion finesse that Jake showed in the graphing tools.

Here's the initial version with looping. This is where I noticed some issues with translating AE color handling and shadows to the gif format.


After that, I decided to go with a different form of deconstruction, so here's the version I did with fire.

Fire is pretty difficult to animate, as it turns out, and of course the color looks SOOO much better in the AE version, but overall, I'm pretty pleased with this for a first AE project.



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