That littlle extra push...

Fitness Goals:

Complete the 100 push-ups challenge - Embarrassing admission...I can barely do a push-up. I am in pretty decent shape already. I work our pretty regularly and lift a somewhat decent amount, but I have never been any good at all at a push-up. This will be the year I change that!

Actually do weight training consistantly- I am a sucker for fitness classes and cardio. I don't have a problem lifting weights at all, I just naturally gravitate to other forms of fitness. In order to have a more well balanced fitness routine, I will develop a weight lifting routine that I cna add to my workout schedule. Since I don't know a whole lot about this, any advice you could offer would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Do the couch to 5K challenge - I will wait to do this until my park is not under 2 feet of snow though.....I wll give myself until April to finish this.

Take proper dance classes again -  I love dance but somewhere between work a school, dance fell by the wayside. I still take a technique class here or there, but it has been ages since I was in a proper dance class where we learned routines. My goal is to find a weekly class and register ASAP.

Complete a month of inversion army poses - I have seen these all over tmblr and they look super fun! I am sure I am quite a way off from being able to complete all of them, but that is what practice is for, right? I am giving myself until August of this year to be able to complete the month long challenge of poses with proper form (as close as possible anyway)

Fitness Habit Change:

I am horrible about getting enough water...just awful at it....my goal is to monitor my water intake and regularly meet my goal. I know that the problem is that I can't drink tap water and once I run out of the water I buy, I constantly forget to purchase more. In order to correct this, I will purchase a water filter pitcher to use in between shopping days. I will also try to always have a water bottle on hand in order to encourage drinking water.


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