That Verandah Stage

That Verandah Stage - student project

My website doesn't exist yet as I haven't finished building my product.

My product is a mobile stage styled on the verandah of a Queensland worker's cottage. My main client group will be event producers, probably working for small regional Councils. Commercial festivals, trade shows and weddings are secondary markets.

My site will be a basic seven page brochureware site that will rely heavily on photos of the product.

I'm finding that the style of landing page examples aren't really suitable for my product (which is homey, rustic and OOAK), but I've had a go at drafting some content:

HEADLINE: Create a memorable event for no extra effort

FEATURES/BENEFITS: “That Verandah Stage provides a simple, cost-effective solution for event producers who want to make their festivals more memorable. Replace your standard stage solution with a homey Queensland style verandah and get your audiences photographing, sharing and talking about your event.”


NB: The main piece of content will be a photo/slideshow.

Australians are generally a bit suss on the hard-sell, so I find even the above somewhat 'ick'.

Credibility, social proof and risk reversal will probably end up on an about page and there will be a separate page for FAQs.