That My Two Male Dogs Get Along

That My Two Male Dogs Get Along - student project

About 4 years ago I rescued two male dogs, a mix of Fox Terrier, and a Schnauzer.
I kept them apart from each other for about 40 days because one of them had a severe infection. When I tried to introduce them to each other, all hell broke loose!
Since then, it has been impossible to have them in the same room. As a matter of fact, the Schnauzer can’t stand even having the Fox Terrier in sight.
I’ve been told by two dog trainers that, even though it seems to be a hopeless situation, there is a lot that I can do to try to fix the problem and help them to be friends.
This situation is a big issue for me in my daily life because it takes a lot of my time to keep them appart from each other and there is always risk of a fight if I fail to restrain them and keep them separated.
Thus, I chose this as my goal to work on hoping to be able to, eventually, have a well integrated pack.


Write down your starting point goal
– That my two male dogs can be friends

And why do you want that? What else? What else?

– Because I am tired of all the fuss I need to do have them separated.
– Because I don’t want to be afraid of a fight anymore.
– Because I lose a lot of time because of walking each one and not both of them at the same time also, I lose a lot of time feeding them in differente rooms, etc.
-Because I don’t want to leave one of them alone to spend time wiht the other one anymore.
– Because I have MS and sometimes this kind of stress takes its toll on me.

Write down your revised true OUTCOME goal
– My goal is to have a pack of well behaved, calm and happy dogs which company I can enjoy.

Motivate your Subconscious

What will happen if you don’t achieve this?
What else? What else?

– They may have a fight some day if I fail to restrain them.
– I will not be able to send them to the same kennel service when on vacations.
– I will need to keep doing all the work I do currently to avoid a fight.
– I will be stressed because of the risk that a potential fight represents and all the time I waste.

What will happen if you do achieve this?
What else? What else?
– I’ll be more than happy and, specially, anxiety free.
– I will be able to enjoy spending time with my four dogs at a time.
– I will be able to be more productive because of the time extra I will have.
– If they learn to be calm and well behaved, they will be less stressed and more happy, which will make me happy and less stressed too.

How will you measure success?How will you know when you’ve achieved your goal?  How else? How else?
– When my Schnauzer can have the Fox Terrier in sight without barking histerically at him.
– When I would be able to walk both of them at the same time with their leashes without each one trying to kill the other one.
– When they can be together in the same room calmly.
– When I would be able to feed them at the same time in the same room.
– When they can stay together alone without fighting.

Decide on Appointments on Reviews and Completion

When will I review progress on my outcome? When would I like to achieve this outcome?

I want to achieve this outcome in 6 months from now.

I will start training each dog separately to teach them to be calm, to obey me, also excercising them to relieve stress and anxiety.
I will also seek the advice of an experienced dog trainer, or even hire him, to help me to reintroduce my dogs to each other.
I will measure their progress one time per week, on Saturday.