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That Girl Is A God Damn Problem - UPDATE

I decide for this image I would work within a style for some form of limitation. I settled on French Baroque Theatricallity. Big Dresses and drama. I did a rough thumbnail to give myself a loose idea of what I wanted to stage.

I then took rough layout and began to take some of the ideas of staging that I have learnt and work out how to compose way the eye should move around the image.

Next I spent some time puting some more design into it and developing the background

After taking in some of the notes people have give me I went back an use the shaped layout I made 
and developed that a little further. Using the design of the lady's dress to help communicate her line
of action.

From that I lined it in pen and used it as a template to re draw the frame. I think it has more motion 
and feels a lot more dynamic.

I also did a test and played around with the angle of the shot. I think this shot below makes the lady seem more omonous. I kinda like it. Thoughts?

I am pleased with the progress I have made so far. Would love to know what some people think of it. any feedback would be great. Is the colour working? what is the focal point you see. Be interesting to see what other people take from my work. thanks and I hope your projects are coming along nicely. 


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