Thao + Mirah at the Fox

Thao & Mirah aren't playing at The Fox any time soon, but if they ever do I'll be prepared.  I've been a long time fan of Mirah and when I came across this album- basically all of my indie rock girly dreams came true.  This album was produced by Merrill Garbus of the future/tribal sounds of tUnE-yArDs, who was a perfect choice for the typically folky alternative indie rockers.

There's some great photography by Wayne Bremser for them.  Their album cover is also really simple and light.

From what I've read their goal with touring this album was to raise awareness and funds for local organizations  that offer resources for victims of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.  They also work with Air Traffic Control, an organization that is a support for musicians involved in activism and philanthropy.  

The artwork I've seen for Thao & Mirah together and seperately had been heavy on the photography.  I want to stay with that but for my poster I wanted to go for something a little grittier, dramatic, and intimate.

Here are some points of inspiration for me:

Any advice or ideas are welcome.

Update 2.13.13

After reading more about Thao & Mirah's influences I've found that they were both influeced by motown and 60s girl groups so I looked at some ways to incorporate that.

Here are a couple of rough sketches and a texture I've been working up so far:


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