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Thanksgiving & Beyond

So not to be lame, but I did these really quick and rushed and am not proud of these shots, but it's all I have for now! For the bean dish above, I took a few shots, then stirred it (stupidly) and all the good stuff sunk to the bottom. Photo shoot over :(

I was hoping to take more photos for this class, but I had to leave town for a few days and don't have any photo props with me. I will try to scrounge some things together and see if I can come up with something, anything, tomorrow, as I know it's the last day! Gah! Can't believe it. I ran out of time on this one! I feel like such a slacker, so unlike me.

I finally found Julia's videos with all her useful advice, but these photos were taken before I heard these wonderful nuggets of information. Will hopefully be able to take some new photos tomorrow (with the tips in mind) and upload them! 


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