Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012 – 2pm


This year I am planning Thanksgiving for my family. I have a loose budget of $250, this is my first time planning and preparing Thanksgiving and I am aware that there are some foods that are a must to keep my family happy, therefore if I need to increase the budget to make everyone happy I am prepared to do so, although I will try to keep as close to budget as possible.


I am hoping for my home to be inviting and comfortable. I plan to decorate with a fall/harvest theme with a sit down dinner/dessert. To make this day my own and memorable I want to include some personalized activities for my family. I am most looking forward to creating a long-lasting table cloth craft. As guests arrive I will ask them to complete an index card writing a few sentences about what they are thankful for. After reading each of these and checking for spelling/grammar (I’m a teacher! I can’t help it!), I would like for each person to copy their blurb over onto a tablecloth timeline, in their own handwriting. My goal is to re-use this table cloth every year giving us the chance to think about previous years and continue to focus on what we are thankful for each year. (found this nifty idea on pintrest!).


Flow of the day:

*Day before* -- Prepare side dishes, desserts, beverages – gather bowls, spoons for each item

10:00 Turkey into oven!

-       Prepare final side dishes

1:15 – Warm necessary side dishes

2:00 – Welcome, first draft ‘This year I am thankful for…’

2:15 – Guests visit in Living Room

-       Set table

2:30 – Dinner begins

3:30/4:30 – Clean up begins, make left-over take home Tupperware for each guest

5:00 – Start coffee, set dessert out

5:15 – Dessert

6:15 – Final Clean Up

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Cover: noelskitchentips.com


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