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Emma Greenwood

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Thanks for all the bread sauce

11 Feb -  My concept is for a Mothers' Day card so I have a nice few months to get it right before the pressure kicks in. 'Thanks for all the bread sauce' is really my own quote and what I've been hoping to find on a greetings card all my life!

My first few lettering exercises have been great fun and I could happily carry on playing with them for weeks. I find the angluar text a lot easier to create than the script lettering which works against my 'everything neat and tidy' nature, so I'm really hoping to develop my swirly skills. 

12 Feb - At first I was completely lost creating my thumbnails. My first couple of sketches were pretty lame as I struggled for ideas, but by the time I'd done a few the inspiration was flowing. Out of my first 6 thumbnail sketches I like elements from 3. 4. and 5. the most. I like the bowl graphic (though I'm trying to make it look less like a dog bowl) and I also like the banner. I realised I was drawing some of my A's a little backwards so will be correcting that as I move forwards. 

13 Feb - I've taken my favourite elements from thumbnails 1-6 and created 5 more thumbnails, all of which are pretty similar. I think I've nailed the basic elements that I want to use now and plan to spend tomorrow creating a sketch based on thumbnail 11. 


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