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Thank you for your support so far

Hi everyone!

I've just uploaded my first class! It never felt better :D. I also hit 70 enrollments in 1.5 days. This is beyond my expectation and I know that I have to continue working hard.

Definitely there are many things I need to improve on in order to create better classes in the future. So if you can spare sometimes to look at it and give me your valuable feedback, that will make my day. 

Also, I love how Skillshare community is so loving and helpful, I enjoy looking at everyone's project and learn from them. Hope you find something new from my class too. 


This class is about making Product Mockups in PNG format. PNG format is useful as it can be uploaded online and the transparency will still be preserved. Hence, when using appropriate product customize plugins, your website's users would be able to change the colour of the products, or even put a pattern or pictures underneath and the product's textures and shadows will still show up, making it look realistic. 

Here is the link to my class

Free enrollment link

Here is the class outline

Thank you and I hope everyone has a great weekend!

With my class, you can change colour of dresses, cutting hair out from the background. Usually you have to make another mockup in order to put dark colour underneath, but I will show you how to make just one mockup that works for every colour.


You can use the same technique on almost everything, for business, school project, or just for the fun of creating things.

This is the original image I found on


And this is after. All the changes to the designs can be done on the web



I hope you'll enjoy my class :)


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