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Ana Maria Selvaggio

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Thank you cards

My Project

"Live Kindness. Practice Gratitude."

This has been my mantra for quite some time now. I had thought to do something more personal, more individual, like "Someday is now." or "Finish." which are words that have inspired my forward momentum. I wanted to create something that I can put out into the world, though, so I have chosen the word "gratitude" which I will use for thank you cards but can eventually expand into the full phrase.

Brushing Up

I am left-handed, so calligraphy has never been an easy thing for me to pick up. I enjoy drawing the letters more than writing them, but hope to improve on that skill. 

Having been an illustrator for 28 years now, I have specific tools that I prefer using. My tools of choice for this project will be a blue lead .5mm mechanical pencil, a black .5mm Pentel Energel, and a black .2mm Micron.


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