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Quinn Papazian

Lover of design, whimsy, and tiki



Thank you card

I watched Mary Kate's awesome videos long ago and have been wanting to play with colors and textures...but I have been holding myself up because I haven't finished my sketch from the first course she taught. I'm putting too much pressure on myself to do everything in order and finalize a beautiful elaborate perfect illustration before taking it into Photoshop. Enough of that nonsense--I want to play! 

I'm going to take this very simple "thank you" design I created from a sketch and work with it to make some greeeting card options.

I played for way too long in Illustrator dreaming up some color palettes to work with. The border is just rough - to show what deeper shades I will blend into around the edge of the card.

Then I got nice and dirty making textures and patterns to layer into Photoshop. Did I go a little crazy? Maybe.

Now I'm off to start scanning! Wish me luck...


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