Christina Stuhlmuller

Surface Pattern Design and Illustration



Thank you, Thank you! Great Illustrator Tips and tricks

Tip 10 Using an Opacity Mask

Still working on this, had to get out and get some sunshine today. Will post when finished

Tip 9 Customizing the blend tool

I've played with this before, but keep forgetting how cool of a tip this is. Never tried it on type, but love the results!


Tip 8 Creating vector halftone patterns

Looking forward to using these patterns in illustrations, like the city houses below.


Tip 7 Creating a pattern stroke

Can get a little obsessed with this, and now I want to design a deck of cards!


Tip 6 Giving Depth to shapes

Another fun tip. Looking forward to exploring this more.


Tip 5 Targeting Layers

Um, this could be my most favorite tip of all time. Doodled these buildings months ago and finally created them in illustrator yesterday. Still working on color and adding more detail, but so excited about this tip! 




Tip 4 Using Live Corners

Fun useful tool, actually updated to latest illustrator to use this. Any excuse to update!


Tip 3-- Creating Customer Guide lines

Love command 5, but never thought of using it on more complex shapes. Handy dandy.


Tip 2--Using Global Colors

Love this short cut to playing with color. How will I ever get anything else done, the color options are endless.


Tip 1 Export Drafts of project

Of course I used this tip to upload my project!


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