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Michelle MacMillan

letters make me swoon



Thank-You! No matter how near or far a card tells them how grateful you are.

What a spring board our instructor, Mary Kate, has provided! As a creative who is new to lettering (no formal training here, or photoshop software subscription) and as someone who has not exercised their artistic side since highschool (almost 10 years ago for me), the instructions given for this project were fantastic guidelines and explorative suggestions that provided an amazing framework. Super informative. Thank-you Mary Kate!

And on the note of Thank-You's... my project surrounds this very sentiment. I am a hobby card maker (feel free to peruse my body of work on instagram @sweetnothingsstudio) who has been asked, by friends and customers, to put together a collection of Thank You cards. I took Mary Kate's suggestion to design and craft something relevant to our own body of work and began the process of drafting a single label package. 

The client brief was an excellent stage to brainstorm and get the ball rolling. It was certainly a prime process referred to for copy ideas that made it to my final project.


Moving forward... LOVED finding points of inspiration and making mood boards. It gets the creativity flowing and forces you to examine, and really hone in on what it is that makes you excited about the packaging. Now, I normally would love to peruse an antique shop or warehouse, however, with my recent move from the Big Smoke of Toronto to the Big Nickel of Sudbury Ontario, the hunt for trinkets was limited. As a substitute, I called upon Google Images. Not the same, but it had to do. Thank-you world wide web.





Undoubtedly there is some industry language that is missing, and some of my sketches could use improvement, but not going to lie, I think this process is perfectly pretty. Even frameable.

Moving on... creating the hierarchy in reference to the brief. Here we go. This is what I decided to include and focus on for this project.


The exercise to draw from memory was really beneficial. It led me to produce a mash up of some of my favourite vintage packaging elements. Here are 4 different sketches I came up for for my final project. Thoughts?







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