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Thank You Minnesota!

I'm a huge fan of Minnesota AND Draplin Design Co (DDC), so I thought Draplin's "Thank You Minnesota!" poster would be a good - albeit challenging - project. Grab the real deal on the Draplin Design Co website. (NOTE: I have emailed DDC for permission to use their work for my project). 

Step 1 - Pen tool practice. I outlined the state and shapes for each of the images using the pen tool. 

Step 2 - Color

For this step I used three keyboard shortcuts to speed things up: 

  • V - Selection Tool
  • / - Select No Fill Mode
  • I - Eyedropper

First I brought the opacity of the underlying layer with the original back to 100%. Then I selected each shape, selected no fill, and used the eyedropper to select the color from the original.

Step 3 - Type, Pen Tool, Shapebuilder and Image Trace

I've started to chip away at the logowork and type, starting with the low-hanging fruit. For some of the logos, I have used image trace to recreate the image. For others with recognizable typeface, I have matched it up as closely as possible. I will probably make some edits as I learn new skills. In the meantime, it's fun to see the progress.

Step 4 - Adjusting Color 

While watching the color tutorials I realized I was in RGB mode rather than CMYK which was part of the reason the color matching with the eye-dropper wasn't matching up. I made the adjustment and using the "Select Same Fill Color" shortcut. While doing that, I also set up a new swatch folder for the print which should expedite future color adjustments.


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