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Thank You Card

As a side project, I sell typographic wood signs. The signs consist of stained wood and white vinyl. I thought it would be a good idea to create a thank you card to go along with each order. Just some swag I could throw in the box as I was packing it up to ship. 

I'm like 3 weekends into learning how to screen print. So far, I only know how to screen print in one color. It’s like learning to skateboard. I’m still falling down a lot, but I’m falling down less each time. I’m sure eventually I'll figure out how to do multiple colors (baby steps), but for now I thought I'd keep my design to one color.


Here's a couple of the sketches I did when I was trying to figure out what the card could say, and what kind of imagery I could use. It's mostly unintelligible, though I knew what I was going for when I was sketching. Ignore the slice of pizza. I often draw pieces of pizza for no reason. Always pepperoni. Always. 


With the imagery, I focused on some of the tools I use for the signs I sell. I use a table saw to cut practically everything. The circular saw blade also has the benefit of being a circle, which fits in nicely with the design! The "Thank You" bit is kind of like a design within a design, as it resembles the stuff I sell. Most of my products are on pieces of plywood, so I used the cross section of plywood in the line the crosses the center of the circle.

My wife suggested that I leave a blank space to tell people what I did with their money, which is a pretty funny idea. Pizza, Beer, Drugs, Guns. Whatever!


Here's some photos of the screen printing process. I'm still a beginner, but I'm getting the hand of getting a good screen burn. These turned out the best yet.


I don't think I'm using a great ink for paper and my squeegee game needs work, but these turned out pretty good! There's room for improvement, but not to shabby for a weekend project. I printed some french cover stock.


I did a color version, because why the hell not. 


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