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Thailand Train Travel

A friend and I are going to Thailand in the near future, and will mostly be getting around by train. I have heard from other friends that the ride up to Chiang Mai is beautiful, and if the moon is out, you see a lot of the countryside. While I haven't gone yet, the anticipation of going is giving me all kinds of ideas for design projects already.

I wanted to base the style off of some of the older travel posters from the 40s and 50s. While looking through them, I realized many would translate well to illustrator with some photoshop texture treatment.

While it has progressed fairly well so far, something does feel off about it overall. Perhaps the train cars are too similar, or there are not enough defining features to make you think Thailand. As one friend pointed out, this could be anywhere in the world.

Any feedback would be much appreciated, and I look forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with!


Made a few subtle edits to the poster, messed with the type some more and tried adding in some lilly pads. 

Still to do:

More pads?

Train edits

Ripples in water


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