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Thai shirts

1) In ten sentences or less, write down your business model.

We sell custom made shirts to our customers in Prague. After a customer orders our shirt, the tailor comes to the customer, takes the measurements, help him choose the style of the shirt and materials. Than we send the data to our tailor in Thailand. He makes shirts, send them back to Czech Republic, we pack them and sell them for profit.

2) List the assets you have or will acquire

Right now we have no assets. In the future, we will rent an office.

3) List the human resources you will contribute or hire

Tailor in Czech that is able to take measurements, tailor in Thailand, that is very reliable and makes shirts for us. I am running the project, my partner is selling shirts.

4) Describe who your customer is and what the customer gets from doing business from you.

Our customer is a male living in Prague, working in an office and wearing s shirt to the work at least several times a week. We get our tailor to come to his office or home and take the measurements so it is very convenient and he gets a custom made shirt for a very low price. And than he looks and feels good on top. :-)

5) And finally, outline what part of this is hard, which part is unique, and how you're going to repeat it again and again.

Hard part is maintaining consistency in quality from suppliers in Thailand. Unique (for Czech market) is that we offer full service - customer only has to call us, the rest will be taken care of.

We need to get more customers, than make them order repeatedly and than scale by hiring next tailor in Czech Republic spread to more cities and abroad.


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