Textures - student project

Textures - image 1 - student project
Hello Denise, I really enjoyed taking this class.  I have learned more with you than in 2 semesters at college.  The brown dog reminds me of my Hanna which pass away last year.

The feathers technique is great since I am also learning to draw birds.

I painted 2 rhinoceros, one with lunar black and another graphite gray (both Daniel Smith).  I like the one with lunar black better, the paint granulated and have the rougher skin texture.

The fox and flamingo are great exercises, but the snake was really detailed and challenging.

I would love for you to have more classes in textures like wood, rocks, etc.  Also I would really like a class on water. Lakes, water falls, rivers and ocean.

Thanks again for your detailed and meticulously planned classes.


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