Ariel Lerman

Novice Artist & Hand-Letterer, Here to Learn



Textures & Patterns, Oh My!

Super delighted to have this class ready - I've been stalk - er, following Ana's updates on Instagram to hear word of this excellent class. I loved both previous classes and am excited to start on this one! I started a page of backgrounds for my swatches, as well as a Pinterest board dedicated to textures and patterns I want to explore, try, or just like:


Sorry for the poor lighting, it's late here. ;) I've got a few ideas for some of these squares, the rest I'm waiting for inspiration. I also have a little Strathmore watercolor journal that I take to the office with me, I plan to fill that with swatches as well!

I shall update this as things progress, I was just too excited to resist making something immediately!


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