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Texture Forms

Texture Forms are like Lego sculptures you can build and inhabit

Texture Forms are sculptural surfaces you inhabit

Texture Forms are like open source IKEA products you can personalize. 

Texture Forms are sculpture art for inhabitation. 

Texture Forms are like Transformers designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. 

Texture Forms are like pixelated sculptures for personalizing and inhabiting

Texture Forms are like transformers for your built environment

The Big Problem:

Spending 90% of your day in a plain white box dulls your experience of life.

Here's a breakdown of where you probably spend a typical day:

60% in living spaces

30% in work spaces

5% in public spaces

5% in the great outdoors

Do any of your everyday spaces inspire you or do they make you wish you were somewhere else? 

Most buildings are designed with an exciting exterior stuffed with plain white rooms waiting to be personalized by people like you.  These blank boxes are everywhere including your living spaces, your work spaces, and your public spaces.

Instead of staying bored inside your plain white boxes....build inspiring spaces where you experience life.


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