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Textile Design - Repeats, Tips and Tricks


Ideal Reader Exercise:

Heather is twenty-five – she graduated from design school and has landed her first job as a junior designer in Los Angeles.  She has found an apartment in Redondo Beach, California – a suburb of Los Angeles.   She is in a relationship with Bob, a DBA with Oracle.  They enjoy each other’s company and are discussing marriage.

Heather drives a VW convertible and Bob a BMW.  They love to take drives along the California Coast, and love walking around Riviera Village.  They also like to visit the California wineries for wine-tasting tours.  Heather loves to go trend shopping in the large shopping centers – as well as the small boutique shops.  Bob loves sailing and participates in local races every week.  Heather joins on the boat whenever possible…  she also enjoys boating – but not as much as Bob.

Heather reads Architectural Digest, and Dwell and Décor for her work…  Elle and Vanity Fair – for fun.  She loves Google for information on just about anything, has recently become addicted to Pinterest… and joined Linked In to keep up with contemporaries.


Part 2... Journal entry as Heather

I am loving my new job started out by creating designs using fabrics – cutting and placing layouts.  I have now been asked to create textile design repeats to coordinate with the bedding group I designed.  The basic of creating repeats was covered in school, but I really do not quite know how to create a repeat that can be sent to the converter.

Design school covered the theory of creating repeats; however, they did not stress the importance of the repeat size…  nor did they cover the various ways to create complex repeat patterns… the importance of color limitations… the importance of calling out colors for the converter… I am frustrated… clearly, design school covers the overall design picture, not the specifics required for designing textile repeats.

I need help.  I have a basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator – which is the preferred program for designing textile design repeats, but I need specifics and shortcuts to help interpret my designs.  Bob is a computer expert, but his field is completely foreign to the textile design field.  He gives me moral support, but he doesn’t have any idea how to create textile designs.   I have Googled and looked on YouTube…  I have found some good tutorials, but there is so much information to go through…  YouTube has some good stuff – but a lot of bad stuff as well.  I ordered a book on Textile Design – it was quite expensive – and covered a lot of territory – but was lacking when it came to the specifics.

Book Description…  as currently on iBooks

link to book... 



This book includes 40 Demo Videos and 19 Interactive Lessons which will cover the basics of creating repeats and engineered layouts using Adobe® Illustrator...  an introduction to the best tools for creating textile designs...  tips on how to organize tools on your desktop...samples of various types of repeats with detailed instructions and video demos on how to produce them... charts and formulas ...shortcuts, tips and tricks to make creating repeat patterns fast and fun... sources for ongoing learning... timekeeping tips for freelance designers... valuable information and answers.

Textile Design - Repeats Tips And Tricks

Author BIO…  as in intro video

My name is Vivian Falzetti...

In the following pages I will present how to create repeat patterns using Adobe Illustrator.

A brief background...

After years as an exhibiting artist... I went to work for a company in the infant bedding industry.  In the beginning I hand painted designs and used tracing paper and cutouts to create repeats.  There was a Mac computer in the design department - an extra from the packaging department that did not have a home.  I convinced my boss, Debra Dunne to send me to school to learn to use the Mac, looked up classes and signed up.  I attended classes 3 days each week - beginning, intermediate and advanced classes in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design... and a little bit of html...  I found Illustrator to be the program I loved... and the one best suited for what I was trying to do.

I continued to handpaint my projects - as it was just faster to handpaint to meet the deadlines...  I would then redo the project in Illustrator.  At some point I became faster using Illustrator than hand painting...  making recoloring (a snap).  There was no instruction in any of the classes on creating repeat patterns...  I owe thanks to a co-worker, Melissa Layton...  First - she taught me the importance of the “bounding box” to create a pattern...  Second she handed me a little slip of paper, saying “just tape this to the border of your computer - it will make your life easier”.  That is the conversion chart that I pass along to you in the book.  Before Mellissa - I would create the pattern layouts in Illustrator...  painstakingly cutting off the edges of the pattern and then line them up to fill the space....  whew! - faster than the old trace... cut... paste...   then paint using guache...  but still laborious...  Thank you Melissa!

Since... through lots of patterns and years of experience I have learned many shortcuts and formulas that make creating repeat patterns fun and fast...   I share them with you in these pages.


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