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Sophie Aronson

Sparkles, unicorns and drawing. In that order.



Text Communication Hurdles

This if my first time ever really drawing and completing a comic!  I wasn't able to use my tablet though so I had to use a mix for this comic (ink/Photoshop).  


As you can see from my character sketches I tried to keep it super simple.  I went through hundreds of different character drawings.  My first character looks so different its nuts!  There are similarities but I just kept simplifying it more and more.  I've never been a super detailed artist.  I like drawing simple things.  So when I first starting drawing myself I didn't like any of my concepts cause everything still felt too detailed.  I eventually reached this character and I really feel like it is a good representation of me.

I’m sure people will notice the fact that my hair looks different with the emotions and there’s a reason for that.  One of the favorite things I have ever been told was to "let my hair speak".  I have really crazy, wild curly hair and I usually wear it up in a bun.  So, with my character, I want to use her hair to help display her emotions.  She’s sad so the curls are down, she’s elated so everything is bouncy and big, she’s mad so her hair looks prickly.  

In the future I would like to have a solid light background color rather than the white.  Something to just add a hint of color.  It was hard to not do that because of drawing these originally with ink and then adding color digitally.  Im still playing around with it and once I am able to draw these digitally I will probably go back and retrace them.  I really like playing with watercolor brushes though.  I want to keep it predominately simple coloring, hints of color on certain things like a piece of clothing and lips, but I like the contrast of black and white with bits of color.


I drew a text exchange that happened between my father and myself while I was trying to drop a hint that I wanted him to bring me coffee at work.  As you can see it failed miserably.    We always seem to have a hard time understanding each other while texting, but in this instance I really did bring it upon myself.  And yes - I do send my parents hashtags in texts even though it does nothing AND they don't understand them.

So it’s pretty rough but all in all I am really excited I actually finished a comic for once!  I always have ideas but I never sit down and draw them.  Because of this class I want to draw more :).


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