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Text An Expert PPM

Many people have developed extraordinary expertise in cutting edge markets.  They should be able to share their expertise with others and benefit from their knowledge while sharing it.  We propose a mobile-based information sharing and pay-per-minute texting service that will allow entrepreneurs and others to directly contact persons with strong entrepreneurial backgrounds, who have succeeded in their fields of endeavor and are willing to share their experiences and techniques at a price commensurate with their skill levels.

There are existing websites such as clarify.fm, liveninja.com, 24 sessions.com and others that offer pre-arranged phone consultations with subject-matter experts in a wide variety of fields.  We propose to take this whole process entirely mobile with improved listings, cross-referencing, caller access and expert-to-caller pairings.

There is existing software and hardware available today that can provide some of the pieces needed to make this app happen.  We can supply the missing pieces, primarily software, from our in-house team of software developers and engineers who already have a plan for the development work.

We do not seek funding and probably never will.  We are internally funded by our parent company which wishes to remain anonymous at this time.

We are looking for market validation for the service described here.  We want to find out if people would pay for such a service and if experts would consider it a viable means to both enhance income and spread experience-based knowledge.



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