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Megan Ruth

Designer & Illustrator



Tetsuo The Bullet Man

Hello beautiful Skillshare classmates! This is my first time uploading a project to Skillshare, so here we go:

First off, I would like to thank Ellen for the wonderful class. You have a way with explaining concepts that really resonate with me and help me further my understanding of the subject. You're the best!

The film I chose to do is a Japanese film called Tetsuo: The Bullet Man. It is the third movie in a three part cyberpunk series by Shinya Tsukamoto. It is about a man who finds himself transforming into a machine after the going through extreme emotional trauma. Though I haven't yet seen the first two, I have seen this particular movie about three times. What really draws me to it is the emotional content within and between the characters.


First, I watched the movie again to establish some ideas and keywords. I circled a few that I wanted to explore more. I wrote additional notes and ideas on the right. Then I started loosely sketching some thumbnails of ideas. These were very quick; just exploring. The two I decided to go with are checked. In the end, though, I only went with the first one. The revolver idea was clever, I thought, but it also lacked real meaning and emotion. I thought that the first sketch with a checkmark most represented the turmoil conveyed in the film.



With my final sketch chosen, I began working on base elements which are mainly the background cording and the main character of the movie, Anthony. Once I was finished with these, I scanned them into Photoshop and drew over it all with black to emulate that they were inked.




With the digital inking done, I ripped up some paper and scanned some pieces in to emulate a rip. I masked out the background of the rip to include the man. After tweaking the placement of that for a bit, I finally settled on this placement as the cords flow upward through the man. Though he desires to be human, he cannot ignore that the machine is a part of him. The type was added last. Generally I allow type to have some space and breathe a little, but for this poster I think the constrained nature of how large the type is lends itself more to how I wanted to portray this film on poster: Chaotic and uncomfortable. The machine is all-consuming, but contained within is Anthony's humanity.



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