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Testing prints


I took this course because I know very little about art prints, profiles, etc. I am not of this business, not a photographer or graphic designer, so I needed to learn more about it because I test printed some images and they came out as a total failure.

A pink would be brown, grainy orange, a little golden crown came out with shadows! a total failure.  I share the horrific pictures:




Here I share the final print, with colors like they are on the digital image. After following your advice and doing educated settings profiling, the print came out very good. Know here I am totally new to prints.


Here I share how the stars also change colors from test print to test print. They are supposed to be bright pink glitter stars like from the picture above (they are for my little girl's room) and here they are in pale brown, too light or too dark.


Now I took some courage and test printed a "difficult one". I say difficult because it is a starry night scene and the stars do come thru!. I am glad with the results. Not bad for a novice beginner!!!


Thank you!!!


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